Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How blueberries in a science based diet can make you thin

Those who are dieting should include blueberries in their diet plan, this fruit can be a very important help in losing body fat. The key to achieve a significant reduction in inflammatory body fat is using the right foods, the majority of dieters are still turning to the commercial TV diets that are promoted by sitcom actors. These diets have never been proven by science to cause any reduction in your inflammatory fat. The addition of blueberries is a powerful way to put your body in the environment for weight loss, this has been revealed in a very recent University study.


There is not one commercial diet that has ever been proven by science to cause a real reduction of your inflammatory fat, these commercial diets create a very weak loss of water weight while having no affect on your inflammatory fat. This is the main reason people gain the weight right back once they re-hydrate, the truth is that they never loss any fat, it was only a loss of water weight. 


Using a real science based diet and adding in some blueberries can get you really thin.



A new study by researchers at the University of Maine adds to the growing body of evidence relating to the power of blueberries in eliminating body fat.


This new research published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, shows that a regular long-term wild blueberry diet may help improve or prevent pathologies associated with the metabolic syndrome, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


"Our recent findings reported elsewhere, documented that wild blueberries reduce chronic inflammation and improve the abnormal lipid profile and gene expression associated with the MetS (metabolic syndrome)."


We are getting a glimpse of why the commercial diets to don’t work, these celebrity diets are not backed by any real science, to get the real weight loss with blueberries you must do what science does.  The blueberries reduce inflammatory fat!  When used with a science based diet you get as thin as you like!


A science based diet with the addition of blueberries can not only help reverse the damage to the body from inflammatory fat but also cause you to lose significant weight.


The blueberries work because they do what the expensive television commercial diets do not do, they help reduce inflammatory fat.  Blueberries will not give you the weight loss you want unless you use it in a real science based diet; it should be included in the same diet that researchers in Europe used to eliminate body fat.




How science causes a real loss of weight



When European researchers used a specialized diabetes inspired diet on overweight people without diabetes an amazing thing occurred, the inflammatory body-fat was reversed and all lost significant body weight. Here we see a true loss of real inflammatory fat; this is what the popular commercial diets cannot do.  Use this diet with the blueberries and you will eliminate excess body fat.



If you are not reducing inflammatory fat you are not getting healthy



Why did a diabetic styled diet work for people with or without diabetes?


Diabetes is an inflammatory condition and so is obesity, it makes sense that the diet could be created which was styled from a diabetic type diet to stop the inflammatory fat. The diet caused overweight people without diabetes to become naturally thin; this was how to really eliminate the fat” No fancy commercials just science.


Inflammatory fat around the waist and on the body can be very stubborn to remove, most commercial diets are a waste of time but science has given us the solution; this was the only real life solution from real science to lose weight. Combining this diet with blueberries is how to get thin.


Real weight loss is a very achievable goal when you utilize real science!  You can chose how thin you want to be, simply do step by step what the researchers did with this diet.



















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