Monday, May 26, 2014

Depression, Stress and the inability to lose weight

It should be stated plainly that there are multiple factors which contribute to a person being overweight.  For those who are not aware, depression, Post Traumatic Stress syndrome (PSTD) as well anxiety can all be contributing factors why a person is overweight. The simplistic view that a person overeats because they have no will power or because they are gluttonous food lovers is an uneducated (and at time willfully ignorant) view of the subject of appetite and body weight. Depression, stress and various abuses have left lifetime emotional marks on countless numbers of people; the appetite is often deeply affected.


In this post, we will take a look at the psychological aspects contributing to a person being overweight. A woman in her mid 20’s spoke to us about the traumatic experiences which happened to her as a child at the hand of a “trusted” family member, this “nightly abuse” to put is mildly occurred over many years while a much intimated Mother did nothing but to painful ignore what this family member was doing.  The woman will never get over what this closest of family members did to her, food became her comfort. With no brothers or sisters to confide in, food also became a trusted friend.


Food became her comfort through out much of her childhood; she was finally removed from her home when a concerned school counselor discovered what this male was doing.


Science shows us that food is a delight to the brain, food is a pleasure and certain food cause the brain to release feel good hormones. Physical, verbal, and sexual abuses may all leads to PSTD and obesity is related to these abuses; this is a subject that is very much ignored when ignorant people speak of the current obesity crisis. How many of our current obesity studies explore the fact that million of people are living lives deeply affected by PTSD, we are obsessed with a reduced calories solution that often fails.


As one woman explained to us, “I will take the food and obesity, over the memory of what happened to me” We are a much abused people today and our appetites have been affected.  The “Biggest loser” and other reality TV shows are simply entertainment, these shows are not about real people battling obesity, and this is Hollywood at its best. These shows are complete with a once heavy person appearing from behind a curtain to reveal a slim person….the audience gasps and applaud.  


 There is not one real “reality TV” show, all of these programs are actually hundreds of hours scripted and edited down to 45 minutes(minus commercials).



Depression, Stress, Obesity

A new research finding provides insight on how a mental health issue may trigger obesity among adolescents. In the study, researchers discovered depression raises stress hormone levels in adolescent boys and girls. And, among girls, the stress hormones may lead to obesity.

Accordingly, early treatment of depression could help reduce stress and control obesity.

“This is the first time cortisol reactivity has been identified as a mediator between depressed mood and obesity in girls,” said Elizabeth J. Susman, the Jean Phillips Shibley professor of biobehavioral health at Penn State.

“We really haven’t seen this connection in kids before, but it tells us that there are biological risk factors that are similar for obesity and depression.


The facts are there if we choose to see them, we can be ignorant and blame all overweight people for sitting in McDonald’s all day or we can understand that being overweight is a complex issue which deals with many individual factors.  I would venture that at least 10% or at least 30 million in the United States have been abused in some way and many of these people respond with one of life’s greatest gifts which are food.

This site is popular in over 10 countries in less than 1 year month because we show that it is possible to be as thin as you like by using a science diet (based on a diabetic diet) but the popular is also because we do not blame the victims. Most people who are overweight have tried dieting and failed, others simply don’t know that a science based diet causes weight loss. Regardless of the reasons for being overweight we must understand that each person has a different experience, we each arrive at being overweight for different reasons.  We must respect each person and remember that many of us are secretly carrying our own post traumatic stresses.










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