Monday, May 12, 2014

Bell Peppers and a way to lose weight



Bell Peppers should be used as a way to lose weight, these peppers are not the hot ones which have been linked to so many health benefits but they also do wonderful things for a person looking to reduce body fat. If you are overweight by as little as 10 pounds studies show there is serious damage being done inside the arteries. Being overweight is not only unattractive it is also down right dangerous. The good news is that bell peppers can be used as a way to lose weight when incorporated in a science based diet.



The wonder of peppers


What many people are not aware of is the tremendous amounts of vitamins and carotenes which are in bell peppers; this is a key to how they help with fat removal. The power resides in the color, those pretty yellow, red and greens do some amazing things for the body, if you are looking to lose weight you want to reduce the plaque (sticky stuff) that is inside your arteries. Sticky plaques build up in the arteries and this is one of the reasons overweight people have an increased risk of heart disease. Bell peppers are great for dieters because when used in the right diet the carotenes stop the negative effects of excessive body fat!  Bell pepper have twice the vitamin c of oranges and can help reduce the inflammation fat that we all have too much of around our bellies.  The Vitamin C in bell peppers is very potent and when combined with the pepper’s carotenes the combination put your body in the right environment for weight loss.


Bell Peppers and their Vitamin C


A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition revealed that men with a higher dietary intake of vitamin C had lower levels of C-reactive protein (an inflammatory marker) and tissue plasminogen activator (a protein that dissolves clots inside arteries) compared to men with a lower dietary intake. This is what stops the negative effects of body fat!



Bell Peppers are great for getting the body in a healthy environment; these peppers reduce the negative effect of excessive body fat!



How to be thin



When European researchers used a specialized diabetes inspired diet on overweight people without diabetes an amazing thing occurred, the inflammatory body-fat was reversed and all lost significant body weight. Here we see a true loss of real inflammatory fat, this is a science based diet and nothing causes healthier weight loss.



If you are not reducing inflammatory fat you are not getting healthy and only a science based diet has been shown to be able to do this.  The addition of bell peppers are a great help, the carotenes combine with the vitamin c and put your body in the right environment for weight loss.



Why did a diabetic styled diet work for people with or without diabetes?


Diabetes is an inflammatory condition and so is being overweight; it makes sense that the diet could be created which was styled from a diabetic type diet to stop the inflammatory fat. The diet caused overweight people without diabetes to become naturally thin; this was how to really eliminate the fat” The message is clear that this is how to lose weight


Inflammatory fat around the waist and on the body can be very stubborn to remove, most commerical diets are a waste of time but science has given us the solution; this was the only real life solution from real science.

You can chose how thin you want to be, losing real inflammatory fat is  a very achievable goal when you utilize real science!    


Simply do step by step what the researchers did with this diet to get thinner










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