Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to lose 75 pounds? The importance of starting off on the right foot

When seeking how to lose 75 pounds one of the first things you must do is to start the diet on the right path, unfortunately, the facts are that most people beginning dieting in the wrong way. Losing a good amount of body weight must be done in a scientific way to succeed; too many people are relying on commercial television popular diets which are not scientific proven to work in any way. There are a growing number of overweight people in the West, many whom are seeking how to lose 75 pound which can improve the quality of their health; carry excessive body fat causes many serious complications. One of the less known negative aspects of obesity is the fact that this metabolic condition steals the minerals out the bones causing dangerous health consequences.

We are not losing weight and it is costing us our health

Obesity rates are booming worldwide and this is causing extreme health complications for many, one of the more devastating effects of carrying excessive inflammatory fat is the loss of bone density. Inflammatory fat actually causes a decrease in bone mineral; this is linked to heart disease and cancer. Researchers from Harvard University discovered that excessive inflammatory fat triggers the formation of cells called osteoclasts, which gradually wear them down.

They also suspect that if large amounts of fat are stored within the bone marrow, it inhibits the production of new bone tissue.

The latest study by researchers at Harvard University has suggested that high levels of fat in the bones gradually wears them down.

Study leader Miriam Bredella, associate professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, said: ‘Obesity was once thought to be protective against bone loss ‘We have found that this is not true. Bone marrow fat makes bones weak. If you have a spine that’s  filled with fat, it’s not going to be  as strong.’ The commercial diets of today are not based on any real scientific research and they are not how to lose 75 pounds; it is crucial to do what science shows actually works to stop the very damaging inflammatory fat and lose weight.

Reducing inflammatory fat and losing 75 lbs

Reducing inflammatory fat is crucial to getting a thin and healthy body; it is the inflammatory fat that is linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes which is associated with being overweight. Being overweight is an inflammatory condition where there are an abundance of large fat cells in great quantities. Real weight loss should not be left to the ineffective television commercial diets; these diets do not produce any real loss of body fat; but science has shown what does work.

When researchers discovered that a specialized diabetic diet was causing a reversal of fat and great weight loss in overweight diabetic they decided to test the diet on overweight people without diabetes. The thinking was that the diabetic styled diet might reverse inflammatory fat in people without diabetes and cause weight loss, they were right, people on the diet lost great body fat in a scientific way. This was a real fast diet based in science.

Why did a diabetic styled diet work for people with or without diabetes?

Diabetes is an inflammatory condition and so is obesity, it makes sense that a diet could be created which was styled from a diabetic type diet to stop the inflammatory fat. The diet caused  people without diabetes to become naturally thin”

Science has shown us all how to lose 75 pounds? You can have the body you want, simply do exactly what the researchers did with the diabetic inspired diet to get as thin as you like in a natural way.


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